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Welcome to Truskavets, a health resort town, that is famous for its unique mineral waters due to their unrivaled curative effect. None of the health resorts all over the world possesses such a variety of mineral waters from low-salted waters with organic substances to highly mineralized mixtures.

The famous mineral waters of the health resort are: “Naftusya”, “Maria”, “Sophia”, “Bronislava”, “Yuzya” and also “mountain wax” ozokerite. For more than 190 years they attract thousands of holiday-makers from every corner of the world.  The health resort Truskavets is known for as many as14 mineral water springs in Ukraine.

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Truskavets enjoys popularity in Ukraine as well as outside its territory. The healing waters of natural springs draw hundreds of thousands of resort-visitors to Truskavets annually. The distinguishing feature of the health resort is service provision of treatment of kidneys and urinary tracts, organs of the digestive system, liver, gallbladder and other co-existing diseases.

The leader of spa medicine in the region is a company “Truskavetskurort”. The company’s medical institutions provide diagnosis and treatment of the internal organs, cardiovascular system, endocrine system, genito-urinary system, musculoskeletal system and respiratory system. Highly qualified professionals work here and they intend to offer to all guests not only the unique natural wonders but also the service and medical treatment of the highest grade.

Company “Truskavetskurort” is one of the most popular therapeutic resort compounds in Ukraine that is able to take more than 4000 guests in at the same time. The spa resort related infrastructure has everything what is required for recreation and effective treatment. All spa resorts are located in the central part of the resort, near the mineral water buvettes, not far away from the railway and bus stations.

A contemporary multi-purpose hotel complex “Mirotel Resort & Spa” is worth mentioning individually. It consists of a nine-floored five-star hotel offering 184 rooms, an indoor swimming pool (25 m) and a medical centre “Med-Palace”. The latter is comprised of a diagnostic center, a balneary and a SPA-centre equipped with the up-to-date medical facilities. The company has at disposal highly skilled healthcare personnel and powerful medical foundations.

The hydromineral resort original base is a unique natural gift that has extraordinary potential capacity to serve as a magnet to attract the holiday- makers and tourists to Truskavets for a significant period of time.  Company “Truskavetskurort” achieves the high level of proficiency of spring maintenance. That allows meeting the demand of the actual amount of resort-visitors with the mineral waters prepared on high quality level.


Hotel Mirotel Resort & SPA

Mirotel Resort & SPAis a modern five-star hotel and recreational complex located in the heart of Truskavets, the best balneological resort of Western Ukraine.

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Mirotel Resort & SPA is a place of impeccable service, endless pleasure and absolute comfort, in which the needs and interests of each guest are taken into account to the fullest extent.

Mirotel Resort & SPA offers guests a wide range of various services that meet the world standards of hospitality. Stylish minimalist design of the hotel and a high level of equipment with modern technology combined with a powerful medical and diagnostic base create unique atmosphere for comfortable rest and recreation.

We have comfortable rooms, restaurants, bars, children’s playrooms, a conference room, a banqueting room, a well-room with 5 kinds of mineral water within the hotel.

The hotel offers 184 elegant and comfortable rooms of the following categories:

166 – Standard rooms, 4 – Suites, 12 – Premier Suites, 1 – Miracle Suite, 1 – Presidential Suite

Mirotel Resort & Spa is a new word in the hospitality industry of Ukraine!

Hotel Vesna

«VESNA» hotel is located in a picturesque park area of the unique Truskavets resort, very close to the mineral waters well-room. Through the hotel rooms windows you can enjoy an unbelievable view of Resort Park, town landscapes and the tops of Precarpathian mountains.

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Rooms reconstruction has been carried out. The hotel guests can choose the rooms of various categories: Standard, Studio, Advanced, Advanced Plus, Suite, Family Advanced, Suite Advanced.

The conferences and business meetings can be hold in a conference hall for 250 persons. The kids room with playground facility is perfect for children leisure. Experienced children tutor are always available to help look after your kids.

Villa “Kristina”

It is a De-Luxe Villa type hotel that was opened in 2008 after a complete reconstruction.

It is situated in a convenient and quiet location in the historical and administrative center of the city in close vicinity to a central mineral water buvette and a picturesque city park.

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The best European designers implemented their most successful projects in the interior of the hotel. The photo artworks by Kyiv artist Katya Borysenko added individuality and special atmosphere to Villa “Kristina”.

Welcome to our Villa “Kristina” and a unique resort Truskavets.

Hotel Kristal

“Kristal” heath resort is located in the mountainous part of Truskavets facing the magnificent Carpathian landscapes.

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“Kristal” resort facilities offer specialized diagnosis and treatment for a variety of medical conditions, such as kidney and liver insufficiency, gastroenterological disorders, metabolic disorders, musculoskeletal disorders, cardiovascular and respiratory diseases and other.

Hotel guests are offered urological and therapeutic department and medical exercises hall. “Kristal” health resort provides treatment of respiratory conditions: notably chronic bronchitis, tracheitis, pulmonary emphysema disassociated from cardiopulmonary syndrome, asthma in remission and others.

Hotel Almaz

“Almaz” spa resort keeps preserving longtime traditions of hospitality established in spa centres in Truskavets. Fresh air, beautiful view at Carpathian foothill and proximity to Old Park will contribute to your well-being and mood.

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Mineral water well is 100 meters away from the resort centre.

“Almaz” spa resort is specialized in musculoskeletal disorders, genitourinary disorders, gastroenterological and metabolic disorders (diabetes mellitus, excessive weight). There is a covered passage to healthcare complex and balneological clinic. Here hydrotherapy, balneotherapy and ozokerite therapy procedures are offered. The hydropathic facility offers highly demanded ozokerite applications to treat disorders of musculoskeletal system and peripheral nervous system, inflammatory processes and other conditions.

Hotel Yantar

Yantar Spa Resort was built several decades ago to provide recreation for thousands of people from different countries. It is located near an ancient park and a mineral waters buvette in the centre of business and cultural part of the town.

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Resort facilities include such departments as urologic, therapeutic and Mother&Child Care. Also, here we can find a recreation department for grown-ups and kids with diabetes. Highly-qualified doctors work here. Natural components of treatment are engaged: mineral waters for internal and external use, ozokerite and physiotherapy. On demand you can be consulted by specified specialists such as laryngologist, dermatologist, oculist, neurologist, surgeon or endocrinologist.

Total number of rooms: 487, the total area of the building is 20 thousand square meters.

Hotel Rubin

“Rubin” spa resort is located in the central part of the town. All windows of the building provide its guests with picturesque views of Truskavets.

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Resort polyclinics and balneo-ozokerite hospital are situated nearby. There you can get various treatment and recreation services. The spa resort specializes in kidney and liver treatment, urogenital system, gastrointestinal tract, metabolism and cardiovascular disorders.

A special department for parent&child treatment is located here. Diagnostics and treatment are conducted by highly qualified pediatricians who can utilize more than 300 diagnostic methods in treatment which makes it possible to heal both major and by-pathology of childhood and adolescent ages. Resort facilities include a special room for kids with a playground.

Total number of rooms: 472, the total area of the building is 20 thousand square meters.

Villa Ampir

The building is located in the central part of a town, close to main infrastructural objects. The building requires major repair and repurposing into a restaurant and hotel facility.

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Renovation project

A modest-sized but cozy villa “Ampir” that is located in the historic centre of a town will draw your attention to its neat lines and comfortable apartments of “luxe class” (Suites).

  • Total ground area – 0,20 hectares 
  • Building floor area — 759 m2
  • Total area as per the design – 1170 square meters 
  • Number of rooms: 8(Apartments of “luxe class” (suites))
  • Room size: 35, 48, 58 m2

Services and infrastructure:

  • A café-restaurant for 75 places,
  • a tea-room for 40 places,
  • room service,
  • wireless Internet,
  • digital IP-TV,
  • newest plumbing and heating installations.

Villa Grand Canteen

It is located in the central part of the town near a row of small hotels and villas.

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A restaurant-club “Grand Canteen” once occupied a part of the building. The technical state of the premises is satisfactory. It requires capital reconstruction with further deployment as a catering facility.

Total ground area – 0,28 hectares 
Total area – 1662 square meters 
Number of floors: 3

Villa Oksana

The building of the villa has been renovated. Shell and core condition. The facade works were carried out. The utility connections are not connected. The internal wiring is not attached.

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The villa characteristics are:

Total ground area — 0,09 hectares,
Total area — 579 sq.m.,
Number of rooms (after reconstruction) — 6
Rooms size from 37 to 93 square meters

Services and infrastructure:

  • bar (35 square meters)
  • laundry and dry-cleaning services
  • room service
  • a safe
  • wireless Internet
  • digital TV
  • newest plumbing and heating installations
  • parking.

Villa Aida

The building is located in the central part of a town in a quiet place, in a 3-minute walk from the central square.The building requires major repair in a present condition. The demolition works of separate interior structures were conducted.

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There is enough space for six comfortable apartments of “luxe class” (Suites) in a small cozy villa. In addition a small-scale cinema theatre and a piano-bar will create an unforgettable atmosphere.

Total ground area – 0, 19 hectares 
Building floor area- 840,10 m2
Total area – 1236 square meters 
Number of rooms (after reconstruction): – 6 Apartments of “luxe class” (suites)
Rooms size: from 62 to 103 square meters 

Services and infrastructure:

  • a piano-bar
  • a small-scale cinema theatre
  • laundry and dry-cleaning services
  • room service
  • wireless Internet
  • digital TV
  • parking.

Villa Nadiya

Villa is ranked Category 3. It’s an operating object located in the central part of the town. There are small private villas nearby.

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Reconstruction and partial repairs were made 6-8 years ago and included the construction of an upper floor. The technical state of the building is good, insignificant repairs of some premises are needed.

Lot area – 0,12 га
Building area – 650 м2
Number of floors – 3
Number of rooms – 9

Villa Directory

The administrative building is comfortably located in the central part of the town. It is acknowledged as a historical monument. The technical state of the premises is satisfactory. It is now used as an office center.

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Total ground area – 0, 1 hectares 
Building floor area- 840,10 m2
Quantity of floors – 3

Villa Dolyna Prikarpattya

“Dolyna Prikarpattya” is a modern 4-storied apartment complex of “luxe class”. The up-to-date building technologies combine with the exquisite design solutions to advantage in this building.

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Total ground area – 0,12 hectares 
Total area of the complex – 2128,45 square meters 

The ground floor of the building is intended for the following:

  • An entrance lobby-bar – 49.94 m2.
  • A lounge zone with a library -62.76 m2
  • Apartments of “luxe class” (suites)
  • Number of rooms: 20
  • Studio rooms with kitchen – 6 (35-50 square meters)
  • Single-room suites – 5 (35 square meters)
  • Two-room suites with kitchen – 9 (52-60 square meters)

Services and infrastructure:A sauna, a pool with Jacuzzi, billiards, a bar with a summer terrace, a laundry and dry-cleaning services, concierge service, room service, safe, wireless Internet, digital TV, newest plumbing and heating installations, parking.

All concomitant apartments will conform to the level of high quality hotels. An interior will attract by unusual architecture, and modern high-quality materials will bring coziness and comfortable atmosphere.

Medical centers

Treatment in Truskavets

The treatment of urologic diseases is the main medical area of a unique European balneologic resort Truskavets. Also, treatment in Truskavets is effective to cure gastroenterological disorders and the diseases of endocrine system, musculoskeletal apparatus, cardiovascular system etc.

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Every year hundreds of thousand people come to Truskavets for treatment of a great number of diseases, organism recreation and strengthening of immune system. High treatment results are achieved by means of the following complex: Truskavets mineral water use, physiotherapeutic procedures and water treatment.

Indications for treatment in Truskavets

Kidneys diseases

  • chronic pyelonephritis and cystitis; 
  • urinary calculus and diathesis; 
  • post-operative state, state after stones removal; 
  • congenital kidneys anomalies; 
  • chronic prostatitis.

Gastric diseases

  • chronic hepatitis, state after transmissible hepatitis; 
  • cholecystitis, angiocholitis; 
  • gallstones, except the forms which have to be operated on; 
  • dyskinesia of common bile ducts, gall-bladder and intestines; 
  • delitescence of chronic pancreatitis without frequent exacerbation; 
  • chronic colitis and enterocolitis.

Other diseases

  • adiposity; 
  • diabetes in state of stable compensation; 
  • respiratory apparatus (chronic bronchitis, laryngitis and pharyngitis, tracheitis, bronchial asthma, tonsillitis); 
  • circulation organs (atherosclerosis, hypertension, endarteritis, ischemia); 
  • skin diseases (allergic dermatitis, eczema, psoriasis, shingles, seborrhea); 
  • backbone diseases (osteochondrosis, kyphoscoliosis); 
  • joints and peripheral nervous system (collagenosis, rheumatism, neuritis, plexitis); 
  • immunodeficiency.

Disorders of digestive system and hepatobiliary disorders: gastroenterological disorders, biliary dyskinesia, gallbladder and bowel dyskinesia, chronic colitis and enterocolitis, cholecystitis, chronic pancreatitis with unstable and stable remission, angiocholitis, cholelithiasis, mild and moderate chronic hepatitis of toxic and viral etiology.

Urological conditions: chronic pyelonephritis and cystitis, urolithiasis, diathesis, post-operative conditions, post-operative period after calculus removal, congenital renal anomalies, chronic prostatitis.

Metabolic disorders: obesity, diabetes mellitus, stable, compensated; carbohydrate metabolism disorder.

Other conditions: Respiratory organs, cardiovascular diseases, skin disorders, spinal cord disorders, musculoskeletal disorders, joint diseases and PNS suppressions.

Medical center Med-Palace

«Med Palace» – is a unique complex in Western Ukraine, which has the advanced medical equipment produced by the leading manufacturers. It is a modern building with the total ground area more than 10 thousand square metres. It is able to serve nearly one thousand visitors all at the same time. «Med Palace» is a multifunctional medical complex, which consists of a diagnostics centre, a hydropathic and a SPA-centre.

«Med Palace» is open not only for holidaymakers of spa resorts and villas of ZAT «Truskavetskurort» but for all other guests of Truskavets as well.

Med-Palace Diagnostic сenter

The Center of Diagnostics in multifunctional complex “Med-Palace”,which is already the fame of the most modern medical facility Truskavets where rehabilitation and water treatments along with SPA services are granted on high-quality standard for more than two years.

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Now ”Med-Palace” offers you more than 350 kinds of diagnostics. For accurate and qualitative diagnostic in “Med-Palace” it’s used modern equipment moslly of leading Japanese & German manufacturers.

The following methods of diagnostics are used:

  • ultrasound
  • endoscopic diagnosis
  • lithotripsy and diagnostics.
  • duodenal intubation
  • X-ray diagnostics
  • laboratory diagnosis

In “Med-Palace” Diagnostic Centre services are provided by the following specialists:

  • therapeutist;
  • cardiologist;
  • endocrinologist;
  • neuropathologist;
  • urologist;
  • urologist (lithotripsy: noncontact stones breaking up);
  • ultrasonography specialist;
  • otolaryngologist;
  • ophthalmologist;
  • gynecologist;
  • traumatologist;
  • surgeon-proctologist;
  • endoscopist;
  • radiologist;
  • dentist.

Med-Palace Hydropathic center

Hydropathic is a harmonious combination of traditional ancient methods of water treatment and modern technologies. Taking baths and water treatment are not just a pleasant rest but also keeping organism in a better shape.

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Hydropathic procedures:

  • mineral baths;
  • pearl baths;
  • carbonic baths;
  • vertical baths;
  • underwater shower-massage;
  • hydropathy and hydrocolonotherapy.

Balneotherapy procedures:

  • mineral bath
  • mineral bath with aromatherapy
  • bubble bath with Dead Sea salt

Physiotherapy procedures:

  • Electrotherapy and magneto therapy
  • Mechanical treatments
  • Electro phototherapy
  • Vacuum therapy
  • Thermotherapy
  • Inhalation therapy
  • Aromatherapy
  • Speleotherapy

Med-Palace Spa-center

Deep into the world of beauty and sensible relaxation in luxurious SPA-Centre “Med-Palace”. Individual service, professional approach and sympathy to every guest are our principles. There are two swimming polls, two jacoozzi, four saunas, a gym and a phyto-bar at your service Spa-Center «Med-Palace».

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  • Infrared sauna
  • Finnish sauna
  • Roman bath
  • Russian sauna

Body cosmetology

Complex programs for weight loss, anti-cellulite programs, envelopment using algae and plankton (more than a dozen types of procedures). Special soft envelopment for pregnant women… Love your body!

Different kinds of massages:

  • Thai massage
  • Indian massage
  • Body massage

In our Phyto-Bar you can help yourself with healthy vitamins. And those who like active rest and getting sunburn can use the services of our complex of swimming-pools and saunas, gym and solarium.

Face cosmetology

  • Lifting
  • Peeling
  • Mesotherapy
  • Masks
  • Special eye care with help of black caviar.

Medical Center №1

It’s a separate building located in the historic center of a resort town of Truskavets, Lviv Region, by the address Yuri Drohobych street, 2. The building consists of a three-storied balneoozokerite hospital and a four-storied office center. The building is situated very close to main objects of a town infrastructure.

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At present 60% of the premises are renovated and used as offices. The other part of the building holds medical facilities to examine patients with various deseases.

Medical Center №2

«Medical Canter №2» provides rehabilitation services and the procedures of general organism recovery according to more than 60 treatment methods. The treatment section is equipped with all necessary facilities for providing procedures of hydrotherapy, physiotherapy and ozokerite therapy to patients. The rehabilitation of patients after shockwave lithotripsy is carried out in the clinic as well.

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Treatment of diseases:

  • kidney and urinary tracts,
  • liver diseases,
  • metabolic disorders,
  • diabetes,
  • diseases of musculoskeletal system,
  • peripheral nervous system
  • cardiovascular system. 


  • physiotherapy procedures,
  • whirlpool,
  • microclysters and gynecological 
  • irrigation,
  • speleotherapy,
  • underwater shower-massage,
  • ozokerite applications,
  • inhalation therapy, 
  • aromatherapy,
  • hydrocolonotherapy etc.

Services of «Balneological clinic №2» and «Resort policlinic №2» are included in price of staying in SPA resorts «Vesna», «Almaz», «Krystal», «Yantar», «Rubin». Other holidaymakers can improve their health here as well.

«Medical Center №2» provides services of hydrotherapy, balneotherapy and procedures of ozokerite therapy. In the hydropathic the ozokerite applications are widely used for treatment of diseases of musculoskeletal system, peripheral nervous system, inflammatory and other diseases.

Treatment of illnesses:

  • liver diseases,
  • biliary tract,
  • disease of the gastrointestinal tract,
  • metabolic disorders. 


  • mineral and mineral whirlpool baths,
  • whirlpool baths and carbonic baths,
  • turpentine and pine needle baths,
  • bath with rosemary and valerian oil,
  • Charcot’s shower,
  • circular and ascending shower,
  • hydrolazer and circular shower,
  • hydrocolonotherapy etc.

«Resort policlinic №2» is a medical institution that is able to serve 150 people simultaneously. The advantage of «Resort policlinic №1» is a bacteriological laboratory where microflora researches of the intestine, nasopharynx, urogenital system, skin and other organs are hold.

Diagnostics by medical prescription:

  • laboratory diagnosis (clinical, biochemical, bacteriological-linked immunosorbent analyzes),
  • ultrasound diagnostics, 
  • fibrogastroscopy,
  • electrocardiography,
  • pH-metry and duodenal sounding.

Specialists consultation:

  • urologist,
  • endocrinologist,
  • therapist,
  • ophthalmologist
  • otolaryngologist,
  • gynecologist neurologist,
  • dermatologist

In «Resort polyclinic №2» there are the unique in Truskavets immunological and radiological laboratories where you have an opportunity to find out about the immune system misbalances. The radiological laboratory can make the researches of radionuclide kidneys state, blood supply and circulation. The methods of radiological laboratory give opportunity to reveal such diseases as pyelonephritis, renal failure, to check the functioning of each kidney in percentage rate, etc.

In «Resort polyclinic №2» there is the physiotherapy department which provides the treatment procedures of electrophoresis, UHF-therapy, laser therapy, phototherapy, vakuumtreatment etc.


Diagnostics methods:

  • vaccines,
  • gastroduodenoscopy,
  • daily monitoring of blood pressure,
  • rheocardiography,
  • rheoencephalography,
  • reogepatography,
  • reopulmography,
  • capillaroscopy,
  • heart rate variability,
  • laboratory Diagnosis (General clinical, biochemical and immunological indicators),
  • immunological tests, etc.

Resort mineral waters and ozokerite

Hardly any other international spa resort can impress guests with such a diversity of mineral waters, from low-salted water with organic substances to highly mineralized mixtures. Truskavets is famous for its mineral waters: “Maria”, “Sophia”, “Bronislava”, “Yuzya” and beloved “Mineral water Naftusya”. Mineral waters with low mineralization (“Naftusya”, “Maria”, “Sophia”) are administered for internal use, and mineral waters with high-mineralized content (more than 10 g/dm3) are used in balneology.

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Therapeutic properties of mineral waters are regularly tested in the laboratory of experimental balneology of the Bogomoletz Institute of Physiology of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine working on the base of the hydrogeologic operational station “Truskavetskurort”.

Chloride-natrium waters of high mineralization are useful for treatment of the intestine and gynecological disorders. They are used as a part of treatment of the inflammatory processes in the internal organs and musculoskeletal system. 

The famous mineral waters of Ukrainian resort:

  • “Naftusya”
  • “Maria”
  • “Sophia”
  • “Bronislava”
  • “Yuzya”
  • ozokerite

over the course of 190 years attract thousands of holiday-makers from all over the world.


magnesium & calcium bicarbonate water of oleic origin with mineralization 0.6-1.0 g/dm3

“Naftusya” is magnesium & calcium bicarbonate water of oleic origin with mineralization 0.6-1.0 g/dm3, and has no world analogues. Owing to organic origin of oleic components, Truskavets “Naftusya” is different from other oleic mineral waters. When exposed to the air, “Naftusya” quickly loses organic substances responsible for therapeutic properties, so we recommend drinking “Naftusya” only from the spring. Unique features of “Naftusya” are owed to microflora containing antibacterial properties.

The healing qualities of mineral water “Naftusya”:

  • It promotes elimination of stones and sand from kidneys and bile-excreting system,
  • Reduces the lithogenicity of  urine and bile (prevents gallstones formation),
  • increases activity of endocrine glands,
  • improves the activity of gastro-intestinal tract and pancreas,
  • protects and restores hepatic cells,
  • eliminates radionuclides, residuals, wastes and insufficiently oxidized metabolic products,
  • exhibits urinative, bile-expelling, antispasmodic and analgetic effects,
  • reduces inflammatory processes in kidneys, urinary tracts, liver and intestinal canal,
  • normalizes metabolism and activity of gastrointestinal tract and pancreas,
  • mineral water “Naftusya” restores immune system and prevents cancer disease.

Mineral water Maria

is sulphate sodium chloride water with mineralization 5 g/dm3. Known for its salted taste

“Maria” is sulphate sodium chloride water with mineralization 5 g/dm3. It is known for its salted taste.

The healing qualities of mineral water “Maria”:

  • lowers gastric secretion,
  • stimulates regeneration of liver tissues ( нет такой строки на сайте),
  • increases biliary excretion,
  • decreases inflammatory and spasmodic process of the gastrointestinal tract,
  • lowers cholesterol.
  • stimulates intestine motor function.

Mineral water Sophia

Chloride sulphate natrium water with increased contents of microelements

“Sophia” is sulphate sodium chloride water with increased content of microelements and mineralization 10 g/dm3. It is the most mineralized among all waters intended for internal use. Its healing property consists in stimulation of gastric secretion,   which is relevant to the patients with chronic gastritis with reduced acidity. It has vivid significant choleretic action, normalizes gastric and intestine motor activity, especially in chronic colitis. 

The healing qualities of mineral water “Sofia”:

  • normalises motor function of stomach and intestine,
  • increases acid function of intestinal glands,
  • stimulates intestinal secretion,
  • promotes metabolism.

Mineral water Bronislava

Chloride natrium water with mineralization 15 g/dm3

“Bronislava” is sodium chloride water. Water chemical content is similar to previous sources, however its mineralization is much higher – 15 g/dm3. Waters of this source contain traces of hydrogen sulphide and natural carbon dioxide. This water is not used for drinking. It is used for throat rinsing during chronic pharyngitis, tonsillitis, predisposition to frequent cold-related upper respiratory infections and just for sanation. Water is supplied warm to the buvettes.

The healing qualities of mineral water “Bronislava”:

  • It is used for throat rinsing during chronic illnesses of upper respiratory airways.

Mineral water Yuzya

contains substances of glycerine origin

“Yuzya” is one more unique spring of our resort. It was discovered in 1900. “Yuzya” is very similar to “Naftusya” in both water constitution and mineralization and contains a lot of organic substances, carbon dioxide and silicic acid. Unlike “Naftusya”, “Yuzya” does not have oily smell, which indicates alternative nature of organic substances in its content. “Yuzya” is not suitable for drinking. It is used only for external applications (rinsing), it produces favourable and rejuvenating effects to the skin, providing healthy appearance and elasticity of epidermis tissues. That is why it is especially popular with women. The well received the name of Fountain of Youth and Beauty in common terms and attracts a lot of constant attention.

The healing qualities of mineral water “Yuzya”:

  • produces rejuvenating effect to the skin, providing healthy appearance and elasticity of epidermis tissues.


The resort Truskavets is popular because of the mineral ozokerite, which is produced in a few kilometers from Truskavets.

Ozokerite is an organic rock that contains hydrocarbons, asphaltens and resins. In the medical facilities of ZAT “Truskavetskurort” ozokerite is used as a part of thermotherapy in the form of external applications. This is called ozokerite therapy.

Thanks to the high temperature of melting and low conductivity, ozokerite is especially effective while treating inflammatory diseases, dystrophic musculoskeletal system disorders and nervous system disorders.  

In the medical facilities of ZAT “Truskavetskurort” apart from ozokerite therapy, artificial heat carrier mineral wax is used as well.




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